Headquartered in Singapore, Xpointo Media enables brands to achieve customer success by combining the art and science of marketing.

We often say that we are part digital marketer and part digital lab. As a digital marketer, we are rationally exuberant about the possibilities of the Internet, and are passionate about helping brands realise the marketing potential of digital using creativity and leveraging technology. As digital lab, we build marketing technology solutions to exploit digital possibilities and we partner with some of the world’s leading technology companies to solve digital marketing challenges.

We were born in 2008 in the supposed Web 2.0 era, or the age of the “participatory web”, as they call it.  Just as Web 1.0 had arrived and passed, so shall Web 2.0, Web 3.0 and its future progressions. Our name, Xpointo (pronounced 'x-point-oh' or X.0), is an invented word inspired by the transient terms that describe different stages of the evolution of the Internet. It is meant to capture the spirit of how digital possibilities can and will evolve, while not being swept under momentary industry jargon, fad or hype.

Our Approach

To get focused on the final outcome, we ask clients to share their target metrics and desired business results so that we have the end game in mind to guide each decision made. The ethic we have is to take on performance accountability and provide our clients with assurance by aligning our campaign work to ensure we achieve set campaign objectives.
In marketing, actions do not always yield reactions. Reactions do not always yield results. A marketing campaign is nothing without responses, which may span the gamut, from developing a creative concept, to realising it through an app, a website or a content hub. For this, we have more than a few tricks in our bag.
With the proliferation of online media, there are many ways to get reach. We are methodical and measured in how we build the media plan. This means choosing the right place, time and message; as well as understanding the behaviour, etiquette and rules of each media platform. Our technology helps us execute this with precision and wisdom (of past data trends). Our creativity helps us execute this with pizzazz.
The thorough study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and insights in an accurate matter. This includes competitive analyses, metric audit and web research. We will also analyse your web traffic, keyword score, social media reach and chatter, so you know where your brand stands versus the competition before we prepare a plan of action.