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Content fatigue isn’t a new term in the industry, it has been regularly re-surging since 2015 as customers' attention continues to become an ever-scarce commodity.

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Source: | August 06, 2019

ECJ: Websites using Facebook 'Like' button responsible for the user data they send to Facebook.

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Source: | July 30, 2019

The number of likes is a measure of how well content is doing on the social media platform.

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Source: | July 22, 2019

TikTok held its first marketing conference in South East Asia last week, where it showcased its fledgeling ad offerings to advertisers and agencies at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, promising them that short-form video content is better value for money and that they will have access to creative talent.

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Source: | July 16, 2019

The latest version of the bot detector reCaptcha is invisible to users and has spread to more than 650,000 websites. It’s great for security—but not so great for your privacy.

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Source: | July 09, 2019