Digital Lab

Since 2008, Xpointo has been building up a suite of marketing technology solutions in our digital lab. As digital marketers and technologists, we have been experimenting on and developing proprietary tools and systems that can bring more team productivity and client value.

Digital Lab Xpointo Media
Adgenome is a digital advertising management system that tracks advertising spend across media platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn and other key advertising networks. Tracks media spend and performance across brands and campaigns to allow for ad budget management and performance optimisation.
Leadgenome is a digital campaign management platform with seamless integration to a contact management, lead tracking and sales opportunity tracking system. Launch and track effectiveness of digital campaigns integrating search, social media and online display advertising, then funnel responses for follow-up actions to qualify or convert.
Salesgenome is a salesforce management system with leads management, accounts management, sales opportunity management and revenue pipeline tracking features. Track sales team activity and productivity, have real-time visibility of won, lost and in-progress opportunities and aggregated sales revenue pipeline for business forecasting purposes.
Socialgenome is a media monitoring tool that tracks brand mentions on social media and across the web. Analyse consumer sentiment across brands, find key influencers or measure content performance based on impressions and interactions garnered.
CreativeX is an online digital asset hub of current and archived digital creatives including ad units of different specifications, microsites and landing pages in their original production format. This online library allows easy cataloguing for access and reference.
Webii or the Web Interaction Index is a web-based tool providing access to key metrics - web traffic, keyword score, social media reach and chatter - in order for you to know where your brand stands versus the market and the competition, before you prepare a plan of action.