Objective Xpointo chose to partner with the Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE) for one of our corporate social responsibility projects. We wanted to use the annual International Women’s Day (IWD) celebrations to help AWARE raise awareness and understanding of key gender-related issues in Singapore.
Solution In line with IWD 2012’s theme of Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures, we aimed to reach out to young women and men in Singapore and act as a catalyst in spurring their interest and engagement in working towards gender equality in Singapore. In close collaboration with AWARE, Xpointo created a Facebook campaign, I AM AWARE.

I AM AWARE is an initiative that aims to raise awareness and understanding of gender-related issues close to our hearts. These include: The lack of social support systems for older women, the role gender equality must play to improve Singapore’s fertility rate, the objectification of women in Singapore’s media culture, and more.

We created a campaign microsite on http://iam.aware.org.sg, where users could create and share messages about gender equality with their Facebook friends, and also find out more about how AWARE worked to improve the lives of women in Singapore with its support services, training programmes and research and advocacy initiatives.

The AWARENESS Gallery feature, which collates the statements about gender equality that are selected and created by users, also provides a useful snapshot of the women’s issues that most concern Singaporeans.
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