Objective Red Hat is the leading provider of open source software products to enterprises and a leading voice in an open source ecosystem shared with a community of professionals. We were tasked with taking a customer-centric approach to sharing information on Red Hat’s solutions and products and generating dialogue around Red Hat’s key fields of interest across the respective online channels.
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Solution We designed and implemented a social media strategy that serves three social media platforms and the tech company's flagship event of the year, Red Hat Summit. Guided by this strategy, we edit curated content and create original content relevant to our APAC audience. We also produce posts for Red Hat’s internal communications system, where employees can access and post to their personal social media pages. This encourages a community-led contribution to Red Hat's digital landscape written from an employee perspective.
Additionally, we create long-form pieces written in the voice of senior Red Hat employees. This thought leadership content targets Red Hat customers, open source enthusiasts and partners, completing an ongoing strategy that caters to Red Hat APAC's digital needs.
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