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This visualization explores how each generation's media consumption is changing amid the frenzy of pandemic-induced quarantines.

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Source: Visual Capitalist | April 07, 2020

A pioneer featured in Visual Journalism, Alberto Lucas López uses the language of infographics in a uniquely powerful and digestible way

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Source: Gestalten | April 02, 2020

The World Health Organization launched a TikTok account on Friday as part of its efforts to cut through coronavirus misinformation online.

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Source: the Verge | February 28, 2020

Computer-generated influencers are on the rise and more brands are now collaborating with them. Is it the future of marketing?

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Source: Digital Business Lab | February 13, 2020

While digital is often setup as a dedicated unit, organisations are fast recognising that when this happens, smooth marcomms integration is harder to achieve.

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Source: Marketing Interactive | November 12, 2019