Objective Canon Asia operates a content hub, Canon SNAPShot, which educates photographers within Asia on everything photography. We noticed an increasing number of readers who were consuming media through their mobile devices on the go. This meant that traditional content articles taking three to five minutes to complete were now too long.
Xpointo Media, as a contributing content provider, wanted to increase engagement and readership of our articles through an easy-to-consume method digital users can quickly understand and digest.
Infographic - Which Mirrorless is Right For Me?
Solution To ensure and enhance the consumption of Canon's content, we developed a content strategy detailing topics that were frequently asked by beginner photographers. The topics were selected based on the highest relevance to this group of readers; how we can shape their perspectives on photography and why it is better to switch from smartphones to mirrorless cameras. Based on our research and understanding of our consumers, we decided to use infographics as the main medium to capture our readers' attention. This was done by condensing crucial information into the infographic, alongside additional tips on the accompanying article. We encouraged them to practise the tips that they'd learned by downloading a copy of the infographic for their future reference.