Objective Established in 1963, Atlas Sound and Vision is a distributor of premium audio-visual products, carrying high end brands like Bose in their flagship store in Millennial Walk. We were tasked with increasing footfall to their store, as renovation works in the mall and the surrounding F1 Night Race set up had caused a drop in numbers.
Solution When we visited the Bose flagship store (run by Atlas Sound and Vision), we realised that our attention was divided between the high quality sound of Atlas Bose products and the demo videos that were being played. This taught us that when presented with a combination of visuals and audio, the latter always took the back seat. So we came up with a campaign to reach out to consumers in the digital space before driving them down to store. We called it, ‘One Sound, Endless Perceptions’, and here’s how it worked: we created a Sound Profiling Facebook App where consumers could listen to a series of 5 audio clips, and interpret what they had heard. Based on their answers, a relevant Sound Movie was generated, and consumers were invited to the Atlas Bose flagship store to experience the movie.
One Sound Endless Perception_3 Sound Movies
At the store, they were blindfolded and left with only their sense of hearing and imagination, allowing them to truly experience Atlas Bose’s sound system. Post-movie, with the help of a dashboard we created, we gained further insights into consumers’ purchase intent and product preferences that enabled us to send follow-up electronic direct mailers and continue the conversation. Post-event, the store saw a 25% increase in walk-in rate, and the campaign contributed 46% of the total revenue for September. Not to mention all that valuable insight into the buying habits and lifestyle preferences of Atlas Bose customers.