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Our Philosophy

We believe the Internet presents the greatest opportunity for today's marketers. We are committed to helping brands exploit digital marketing.

We don't subscribe to technology hype, fashionable marketing jargon and we don't prescribe bleeding edge implementations.

We do advocate a 360-degree digital approach encompassing what we call the '4Rs' discipline - Research, Reach, Response and Results - with laser focus on marketing priorities, audience engagement and business outcome.

digital lab

Our Philosophy

We believe in experimenting, exploring, developing and creating stuff that stretch the use of technology and add value to what we do. So we dedicate part of our time to building digital products and tools useful for digital content consumers and marketers.


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Posted: Aug 26, 2016

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How Online Video Influences Your Audience – Think with Google

Source:Think with Google
Posted: Jun 13, 2016

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Xpointo is part digital agency, where we collaborate with our clients on exciting digital campaigns integrating social media, search, mobile and more; and part digital lab, where we build new media products to solve digital marketing challenges.

In short, we are in the business of helping brands realize the marketing potential of digital channels.

We advocate a disciplined digital approach with laser focus on marketing priorities and outcomes.

Our methodology is summed up in 4Rs - Research, Reach, Response, Results - and is a discipline we apply to each and every project we undertake.

We love our technology and all it has to offer to our business and clients. We are open sourced in every way possible. Our servers are in the cloud. We have built and customised our own arsenal of web-based apps for collaboration, process management, automation and every imaginable purpose.

Interactive Designer

You have a passion for the creative arts and advertising.You are a digital native and you use digital means as your primary source of news, information and entertainment.