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Salesforce is testing a version of its Einstein artificial intelligence service internally to help project sales and give guidance. CEO Marc Benioff said an internal spin of this Einstein Guidance feature has made the artificial intelligence technology another member of the management team.It's not clear when this Einstein Guidance feature... Read more

Source: | May 22, 2017
Skye Gould/INSIDER The INSIDER Summary: Beauty is a big industry with hundreds of brands. 182 of those brands are owned by seven conglomerates. They employ thousands and make billions of dollars each year. They also are responsible for advertising and the way we think about beauty. Read more

Source: | May 19, 2017
Perhaps the biggest buzzword in customer relationship management is “engagement”. Engagement is a funny thing, in that it is not measured in likes, clicks, or even purchases. It’s a measure of how much a customer feels that they are in a relationship with a product, business or brand. Read more

Source: | May 11, 2017
Gone is the old radii that we’ve all designed around for few years and here to stay is an entirely different and more complicated shape; The superellipse or, more precisely (and way cuter), the Squircle. Since the reveal there’s already been a dozen templates or so that have tried their... Read more

Source: | May 09, 2017
SINGAPORE: They get taken for beggars sometimes as they poke through the trash, by people who exclaim “eiyuh!” in disgust. Impatient drivers honk as the duo push their laden trolleys along the road.“My brother cannot hear the cars horn,” said the man who asked to be known as ‘Eddie’. Read more

Source: | May 09, 2017