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UX is at the heart of all digital experiences and among the premier reasons why people’s expectations are met and surpassed, oftentimes. It’s the reason they will come back to your brand and your company. But what does that truly mean for a connected world? We are tracking the various... Read more

Source: | June 19, 2017
No sooner had Facebook announced it was opening up Messenger for developers to build bots, when two players with an eye on sales and service in the enterprise — Salesforce and Zendesk — announced new products to manage Messenger traffic on their respective platforms. Salesforce announced Salesforce Messenger, a way for customers... Read more

Source: | June 07, 2017
Kleiner Perkins partners with the brightest entrepreneurs to turn disruptive ideas into world-changing businesses. The firm has helped build and accelerate growth at pioneering companies like AppDynamics, Google, Amazon, Flexus Biosciences, Nest, Waze, Twitter, and Square. Read more

Source: | June 01, 2017
Back in early 2016, Li Xiang was just another overworked magazine editor in Beijing. Then along came an opportunity to produce a business newsletter on a brand-new app called De Dao. In just a few months that app—which means “I Get” in English—had attracted millions of users looking for daily... Read more

Source: Bloomberg | May 26, 2017
Have you ever looked for a job? Of course you have. It's a daunting process, and one which Google hopes to make easier than ever. The Bureau of Labor Statistics show that 20-24% of Americans change jobs every year (ADP global research says it’s 27%), which means more than... Read more

Source: | May 26, 2017