Objective Atlas Sound and Vision, the sole distributors of exclusive brands such as Bose, Accuphase, Ad Notam, Happy Plugs and Loewe, is recognised as a market leader in providing premium audio-visual equipment. We were tasked with conceptualising a digital campaign to raise awareness of Bose QuietComfort headphones, and to drive visitors to the showrooms of Atlas Sound and Vision to experience the headphones.
Social Post
Solution We created an interactive microsite that showcased the features of Bose QuietComfort headphones as well as a short video demonstrating how the headphones are able to cancel out various noises and help a user find their focus. The microsite also housed a social wall that displayed photos of how users aspired to focus better using the headphones. We created the hashtag #HearItYourWay for users to tag their photos, thereby encouraging top of mind recall and increasing engagement. These photos were also entries for users to stand to win Atlas Sound and Vision vouchers.