Objective Bank BTPN, as one of Indonesia’s largest banks in terms of market capitalisation, number of branch offices and employee size, has a corporate vision to become the best mass market bank, to change the life of millions of Indonesians. Bank BTPN tasked Xpointo, working in collaboration with brand consultancy Activiste, to revamp its corporate website with a new digital design.
Solution Alongside brand consultancy Activiste, we collaborated closely with Bank BTPN’s corporate communications and IT teams, to develop a revamped corporate website www.btpn.com that was launched in March 2012. The new website featured a modern and refreshing digital design that stayed true to BTPN’s corporate brand identity guidelines, a new content framework and information architecture, and was supported by a flexible self-publishing system built using Silverstripe. We showcased the addition of a strategic mass market empowerment program, Daya, as well as BTPN’s updated brand communication efforts for their various lines of business. An innovative publishing solution was also implemented within the new website to publish and distribute BTPN’s annual reports in digital format.