Objective Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Singapore offers car leasing and financing services, which are delivered across a mix of online and offline channels. We were tasked to build a Virtual Showroom that integrated these services online, offering users a single-point of access. The website would also serve to educate consumers on its Daimler Fleet Management and FUSO trucks leasing services.
Solution We built a website that would offer the best user experience (UX) for mobile users. The overall UX journey was determined through a series of stakeholder interviews that helped us to better understand the needs of consumers. On the website, consumers had access to a host of features, such as a widget that allows dealers to compare prices of available cars in the market, an open chat function where consumers could interact with each other or schedule question-and-answer sessions with moderators, forums to gather more information, and a resource centre that housed product-specific content and forms that one might require during the financial servicing process.
MBFS App Image