Objective Red Hat is the leading provider of open source software products to enterprises and an avid communicator in an open source ecosystem shared with a community of professionals. Each year, Red Hat hosts Red Hat Forum, its flagship annual event held in multiple cities across the APAC region. Through Red Hat’s social media channels, we were tasked with creating an online campaign that encouraged pre-event registrations, covered the live event in real-time, and gave a post-event round-up.
Solution We devised a marketing strategy that covered the event’s three stages: pre-event, live event and post-event. Guided by an overarching message that aligned with the event’s key talking points, the strategy was carried out on Red Hat’s LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages. By including interactive content such as polls and questions to answer, the campaign’s aim was to not only entice readers to register for the event but to also build a sense of community.
We created original content, including videos, and curated content from Red Hat’s corporate repository to build a full suite of marketing materials suitable for an APAC audience, then published the content in alignment with the event's live schedule. We were also on hand to create any ad-hoc posts coming out of the event, such as photos of speaker events or attendee testimonials.
To support other APAC cities hosting the event, the campaign and its supporting materials were packaged up into a toolkit and made available for localisation, to be used at their discretion.
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