Objective Golden Village multiplex is Singapore’s leading cinema exhibitor with 11 multiplexes housing 92 screens, and offers the widest choice of movies in the country. The brand wanted to address the common misbehaviours in its theatres, such as bringing outside food, speaking loudly and littering.
Solution We developed pre-show ads inspired by the idea of people getting caught on CCTV. The videos were screened at GV cinemas before the start of the movies, engaging consumers by making them believe they were live. This served not only as a surprise to consumers who “participated” unwittingly, but it also reminded them of the inconsiderate acts at cinemas.
The videos were accompanied by a call to action that drove consumers to Golden Village’s Mr Popcorn Facebook page, where they stood a chance to win prizes by sharing the inconsiderate acts they had encountered. This campaign had increased awareness of proper cinema etiquettes through cinema hall screen ads and Facebook.