Objective Founded in 1925, BLANCO is a premium kitchen brand of international prestige, offering upscale kitchen unit configurations that are perfectly tailored to consumer needs. In Asia Pacific, BLANCO relied on in-country distributors to plan and execute their marketing campaigns both online and offline. On the digital front, BLANCO wanted to elevate the brand's digital presence in Asia Pacific to maintain consistency in brand voice, messaging and tonality. We were tasked with building a content strategy, launching BLANCO’s APAC Facebook page, and creating subsequent content to acquire new followers.
Solution To start, we conducted an audit to analyse both BLANCO's content and relevant competitor sites across the Asia-Pacific region. These findings helped to develop a content strategy that would entice people to follow the brand’s new Facebook page, BLANCO APAC. We defined several pillars to inform our ongoing content creation, ensuring that the page continues to underpin the key aims of communicating the value proposition for BLANCO products, growing social media following and building BLANCO brand equity in the Asia-Pacific region.