Objective At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy is an EduTrust-certified institute that cultivates global chefs and F&B professionals in an environment of culinary authenticity. As At-Sunrice continues to grow as a leader in culinary arts education, there was a need to integrating student recruitment and marketing efforts on a unified platform.
Solution Xpointo Media developed a Customer Relationship Management strategy and implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud, one of the world’s leading cloud-based and mobile-enabled CRM platforms, for At-Sunrice’s marketing, recruitment, and sales team. From migration to integration, Salesforce CRM platform helps to consolidate all marketing and sales-related processes and drive student recruitment efforts. With information and data in one place, it is easier to prioritise and make quick and informed decisions based on real-time data, enabling accelerated sales and recruitment productivity. With information at hand, recruiters are better geared to nurture leads and guide them through to conversion. We also successfully deployed Salesforce across various departments such as Student Recruitment, admissions, and marketing, and extended this rollout to include their regional channel sales network. As part of the post-deployment support, we provided At-Sunrice with the necessary training and change management advisory required to transform their processes and workflow for more efficiency.