Objective Wyeth Nutrition, a pioneer in nutritional science, develops premium-quality milk formula products scientifically designed to meet the needs of infants and young children, as well as pregnant and lactating mothers. We were tasked to raise the awareness of a baby scan for pregnant mums and drive them to sign up for the scan at an on-ground event.
We were also mindful of the fact that the sales and promotion of infant milk formula needs to be sensitively dealt with due to the Code of Ethics on the Sale of Infant Foods in Singapore (SIFECS) as regulated by the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA).
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Solution We conceptualised Baby’s First Gift, a digital to on-ground campaign where we had our mums experience and discover their baby’s development and growth. With the proprietary technology that Wyeth Nutrition developed for the scan, we were able to showcase the movements of the babies in our mums’ wombs and translate them into beautiful paintings.
To raise awareness of this campaign, we deployed influencer marketing in the form of popular mummy bloggers Velda Tan, Lian Meiting and Zoe Raymond Tan, who shared their pregnancy concerns and experiences during the baby scan.
In addition to sharing their content on Wyeth Nutrition’s Facebook page, we also created informative social content about a child’s development to further highlight the importance of nurturing early learning. These campaign drivers directed our mums to an interactive microsite where they were able to learn about the importance of their baby’s development and to register for a slot at the on-ground event.
Upon registration, mums received a confirmation EDM with event details and a unique code to present at the event. The EDM also provided useful information to help them prepare for the scan and what they can expect to receive after the scan.
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After the scan, these mums received their baby’s first gift, a painting created by their baby’s movements. They also received a post-event EDM that led them back to the microsite to download and share their baby’s first painting.
The on-ground event was fully booked within 3 days, with mums still on the scan’s waiting list after registration had ended. The success of this campaign prompted Wyeth Nutrition to extend this engagement into events for mums on the scan’s waiting list to get a chance to experience the scan for themselves and receive their baby’s first gift.
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